Regent Estates

REGENT ESTATES is one of the oldest and most dependable estates in Second Life. While many others are going under, Regent Estates keeps growing. In business since 2006, we plan to be around for many more years to come.

Owned by Melody Regent and operated by the Regent staff, you will enjoy the peace of mind of living in a secure, honest environment with a team that is more than staff. They are Family.

We are not the cheapest on the grid, nor will we ever be. Our rates, however, are competitive and we plan on being here for the long haul. You can be assured you will wake up tomorrow and your land will in fact still be your land. We are not desperate enough to lower our rates so much that we cannot support ourselves and put your investment at risk.

The added cost of having a premium account is not needed when you rent from Regent Estates. We don't pay VAT so you never have to pay taxes or VAT - just another reason why this is the place for you.

When you become a part of Regent Estates, you get a full-time staff here to help you with all your needs. We try to make sure your SL experience is all it can be and more.

We also offer a 24 hour response guarantee. If we do not respond to your request for help within 24 hours, you get a week's tier FREE.

All Regent Estates clients also have access to many different free services not offered by other estates:

Referral Program for new Clients. Earn free tier!

Free Advertising in NYC for your Regent Location

Free Kiosk in NYC to show off your products

Free Radio Advertising on Regent Radio

Free Group Advertising in our New York Group. With over 7000 members, your Grand Openings or Store announcements will be received by many, many people

New York NYC -

Regent Radio -

It is our goal to make sure in any way we can that you are a success. We know that when you succeed, we succeed.

Buying the land ALWAYS includes the 1st week's tier. We do this so you can get settled in and set up without having to pay additional money or run around looking for a tier box. It is important that you know exactly what you are getting before you buy so you will find all pricing, prims and size clearly posted on all the sales. You will never find any hidden tier or other costs. All tiers, prims, land sizes, everything is located in the ABOUT LAND description so you know exactly what you are getting every time.

For your convenience, tier may be paid in increments of 1 to 8 weeks. So if you're going on vacation in Real Life, or just don't want to visit the tier box weekly, you can! We also understand that occasionally Life gets in the way...we will never reclaim your land 5 minutes after tier is due.

We offer a little bit of everything possible in Second Life. From quiet residential land to highly active urban sims. Take a look:

Residential only Sims:

October Moon, Ocean View and Cape Fear are all fully residential sims. This is where you can go for a beautiful setting and quiet living. These sims are staff-occupied and monitored so you know you will have the serenity you are looking for.

Private Beach Islands:

Venus Gem and Gemini Gem are quiet homesteads that cater to the beach lover in you. Residential only, they are monitored for lag by our full time staff. Each private island is surrounded by water. Limited to 8 islands, there will never be more activity than the sim can handle. This quiet safe environment is what you are looking for when you simply want to come in and enjoy your Second Life.

Mixed Residential/Commercial Sims:

ROUTE 66 Biker Sims

MotorWorld, Death Valley, Route 66, Sunset Crater, Flagstaff, Twin Arrows, Cadillac Ranch TX, Mojave Desert and MLCC. Nine sims that offer awesome roads for BIKES ONLY. Protected by the staff you will be guaranteed a great ride with never a car to hinder the enjoyment. Both commercial and residential combined, just take a look at the covenants to see what you can do. All efforts are made to make sure the experience is a great one.

NEW YORK NYC - This is where we house the World Trade Center Memorial, Statue of Liberty and the New York Library. Voted the best Memorial in Second Life we are proud that we can give back a little something to so many people. There are a few shops for rent to help defray costs. We also have a gateway for new residents onto Second Life. Just a little bit of everything all in once place.


We have LOADS of homesteads where the rules are simple: YOUR SIM, YOUR RULES. We don't interfere with how you wish to live your life or run your business on a homestead. The staff is just here to help you out when you call us for help or advice. So long as Second Life allows it, you can do as you please and still get the backup support of Regent Estates.

Homestead pricing is as follows:

$10,000L to buy, which as always includes the first week's tier

$8,000L a week tier after that.

Full sims:

FULL sims are custom ordered for your needs. If we don't have one already on the grid open and ready to be rented, you may order one custom for the same price.

$25,000L down gets you a sim with the name of your choosing.

$23,000L a week tier - tier is due when sim is placed on the grid.

Full sims are usually placed in a hour or less, based on the speed LL gets it situated.

When you buy a full homestead or full sim thru Regent Estates, not only do you get the backing of a full time staff, but you are assured that so long as tier is paid, your sim will be here as long as you are. We will never interfere with how you run your sims. If LL allows it, then our motto is, simply.. YOUR SIM, YOUR RULES.

The bottom line for Regent Estates is Quality Service. This is our goal at all times. We do not see ourselves as just another Land Empire, we see ourselves as family. Many of our clients have been with us for YEARS. Quality, professional and friendly service is what you can expect from us each and every time. Never hesitate to contact any of the Regent Staff.

Welcome to Regent Estates, how may we help you?